About Us

Staying true to their fondness for design and eclectic culture, Maricar and Pam’s ideas are fueled simply by creative strengths, professional skills, and a mixture of both their personalities. From a shared eagerness to represent their own enthusiasm, curiosity, and ingenuity came their brainchild—what they consider the best version of themselves combined.

Lady Scott Jones
She is a lady of great charisma, audacity, and subtly elegant taste; she chases after the classics, has an eye for quality and value, and knows what suits her best. She’s seen the world and relished in foreign culture and art—the only thing left was to find a way to captivate others with the eccentricities and charm found in every adventure she’s embarked on. Through the fascinating discoveries she’s picked up, driven by a sincere and relatable love for beautiful things, she wishes to share this zest for life with everything and everyone around her.


Maricar Lopez Tiangco
It all started when I was tasked with designing the interiors of our new house, I found myself dumbfounded by the lack of furniture that fit my personal taste. So I set out on a mission to hunt down the perfect French- and English-inspired pieces to suit our space, and along the way saw an opportunity to bring back much more than what was to occupy our home. Backed by my corporate and administrative experience from helping my mother manage the family businesses, I aspired to channel my efforts into making timeless pieces locally available to modern homeowners who share the same passion.

On a fine, sunny day in London, I brought up the idea of starting a furniture line to my sister-in-law, Pamela Gonzales Lopez, who equally shares my love for design and beautiful things.

Here we are today.

Pam Gonzales Lopez
I thought the proposition came at just the right moment; I was ready to explore this idea that had always tickled my fancy. I remember my childhood fondly: I constantly found myself smitten with the beautiful knickknacks and furnishings in my grandmother’s home—experimenting  with styles and moving them around to complement the space around me. Although my interest in interior design was something inherent, prior to Lady Scott Jones, it was left unexplored yet always curious. After enjoying a successful career in the fashion retail sector—juggling roles in public relations, marketing, merchandising, and the like—I chose to rediscover my creative self by redirecting my matured taste and talent to the business of furniture and lifestyle.

Upon returning to Manila, I decided it was the perfect time to further this partnership and concept into something tangible.

We now welcome you to our world.